Kall – Brand

Founded in 2012 by former members of influential depressive black metal band Lifelover, Swedish progressive blackened band Kall crafts unique soundscapes on the sophomore release “Brand”.

Listening to “Rise” you can immediately perceive Kall’s eclectic music vision as mournful blackened guitar riffs create an introverted instrumental ensemble that will often evolve into intricate melodic passages or heavier abrasive rhythmic patterns. 

“Fervour” is surrounded by a dreamy atmosphere that emphasizes the presence of wistful guitar melodies that at times will embrace darker rhythmic crescendos embellished by the elegant tonalities of the saxophone. 

The mystifying mini opus “Fukta Din Aska” constantly showcases a complex experimental approach offering heavy rhythmic dynamics and obscure tonalities but the direction can change drastically anytime as the moody melodic guitar work and the enticing saxophone channel shoegaze nuances and even chaotic psychedelic vibes. 

“Hide Below” begins with mellow harmonies evoking an immense melancholia that continues to flourish through cathartic rhythmic crescendos as guitars acquire hazy tonalities accompanied by tormented screams to enhance the contemplative momentum that ultimately leads to surreal dissonant progressions. 

While “Brand” is certainly fueled by a darkened enigmatic force Kall tend to surprise the listeners with unusual sounds and unexpected instrumental twists aiming to achieve a distinct sonic identity far from any standard music category. 

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