Carach Angren – Franckensteina Strataemontanus

Dutch masters of horror Carach Angren have crafted the new creepy opus “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” inspired by Mary Shelly’s novel ‘Frankenstein’ manifesting a visionary blend of extreme metal and decadent symphonic tapestries. 

The horrific fairytale begins with the spooky soundscapes of “Scourged Ghoul Undead” which unravels an imposing mix of elaborate flamboyant symphonic arrangements and ravenous blackened rhythmic blasts fueled by an obscure force amplified by the devilish growls and the deadly march of the drums. 

The title track shines for the wild extremely intricate orchestrations that immediately create a catchy yet twisted sonic realm where frightful entities lurk in the dark as the nightmarish melodies become entwined with merciless rhythmic progressions enriched by the solemn narratives. 

“Sewn for Solitude” stands out for the neoclassical splendor as the lavish multilayered orchestrations showcase a magical creativity leading to a majestic atmospheric ensemble surrounding the heavier sinister rhythmic core. 

“Operation Compass” welcomes you to a ghastly world that belongs to monstrous blackened rhythmic progressions constantly embellished by the majestic theatrical arrangements blending grave classical tonalities and suspenseful atmospheric crescendos. 

“Der Vampir von Nürnberg” begins with scary playful vibes that continue to successfully emphasize the album’s horror motifs and while the blackened essence is still present the detailed orchestrations convey a fascinating classical grandeur that highlights the crucial role of the eerie melodic themes and the sublime atmospheric layers. 

The dramatic final track “Like a Conscious Parasite I Roam” offers an overdose of gorgeous classical melodies and stylish symphonic textures reminiscent of a baroque operetta that flourishes incessantly through the dark energy of the rhythmic patterns. 

It becomes quite evident that Carach Angren’s music vision is always intriguing due to the magnificent symphonic & classical keyboards arrangements that on “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” constantly enrich the heavy patterns and ultimately create the ideal soundtrack for a horror movie. 

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