Conan & Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol.1

Renowned label Heavy Psych Sounds Records has started a new series of split EPs and the first one “Doom Sessions Vol.1” features a reissue of UK’s heavy riff masters Conan’s “Beheaded” and two exclusive tracks from Italian kings of slowness Deadsmoke.

With “Beheaded” Conan simply unleash a monolithic track that could not sound darker as the heavy doom force demands painfully slow guitar riffs, lugubrious atmospheric progressions and tormented vocals that inevitably create a murky sonic realm where all hope is lost. 

The first track by Deadsmoke is “Dethroned Concrete” which immediately channels undiluted darkness and impending doom as the chunky guitar riffs and the desperate screams march confidently through a dense atmospheric ensemble while the rhythmic crescendos successfully channel a fuzzy psychedelic tinged temper ultimately leading to a totally trippy grand finale. 

On “Dead Minds Army” Deadsmoke continues to convey a smoky darkened atmosphere that surrounds the faster monumental rhythmic section fueled by mighty guitar riffs and grave tonalities enriched by a good dosage of enigmatic psychedelic elements. 

As “Doom Sessions Vol.1” demonstrates this new series is a really exciting idea destined to entertain lovers of the genre as both Conan and Deadsmoke deliver their signature heavy sonic manifesto. 

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