Gaerea – Limbo

Portuguese post-black metal outfit Gaerea embarks on a cathartic journey channeling a primal blackened force and pure melancholia through the captivating soundscapes of the new full length “Limbo”. 

“To Ain” instantly manifests an overwhelming obscurity as guitars engage in fiery riffage and sophisticated progressions that can create fast & aggressive rhythmic patterns amplified by the desperate growls yet a melancholic allure will always emerge through the spellbinding melodic phrases and the dreamy atmospheric waves. 

The untamed blackened essence of “Glare” immediately generates majestic & utterly brutal rhythmic blasts fueled by the insane fast drumming yet within such chaotic instrumental ensemble guitars will also manage to add some vibrant melodic accents. 

“Conspiranoia” dwells within a misanthropic sonic realm as the gelid guitar melodies feel very dominant emphasizing a profound emotional turmoil through many bewitching progressions surrounded by a subtle arcane atmosphere while the cascading blackened riffs effortlessly lead to heavier ominous moments. 

The bleak soundscapes of “Mare” bring closure and highlight the role of the gorgeous mournful guitar melodies flourishing through a hazy atmosphere and creating mesmerizing crescendos but the primal blackened flair will always have a chance to gain intensity through the soaring rhythmic segments.  

As the title suggests “Limbo” feels like a distant world that lies in between darkness & light, reason & madness, as Gaerea confidently showcase a visionary blend of fiery blackened grooves and spiritual harmonies. 

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