Valkyrie – Fear

Founded by brothers Jake and Pete Adams Valkyrie delivers an overdose of earthy heavy rock vibes on the fourth full-length “Fear”. 

“Feeling So Low” fully manifests the heavy rock spirit of the whole album as the guitars take the center stage immediately delivering fiery riffage to build robust rhythmic grooves and charismatic elaborate solos that showcase an eclectic approach. 

The melodic soul of “Afraid To Live” comes to life through a series of somber guitar phrases and the resulting emotional motif will continue to linger even if the bold rhythmic section will add some thrilling grooves enriched by the moody tonalities of the extensive soloing. 

“The Choice” has a retro heavy rock jam mood in fact everything revolves around the remarkable guitar work which once again can deliver a highly enjoyable blend of groovy riffage and enthralling melodies. 

“Fear And Sacrifice” continues to favor a melodic pathway so the soothing guitar harmonies and the compelling rhythmic crescendos naturally express a vivid melancholia while the acrobatics of the guitar solos are bound to impress the listeners.

The vibrant emotions of “Brings You Down” flourish through the gentle guitar melodies and the comforting vocals following a slower nostalgic tempo that will eventually evolve into a heavier rhythmic rampage with a fair dosage of energetic riffs and an explosive solo. 

Following a genuine sonic evolution today Valkyrie crafts soulful melodies and super groovy dynamics on “Fear” which from beginning to end definitely feels like a fascinating sonic journey. 

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