Dynfari – Myrkurs er þörf

In the burgeoning Icelandic metal scene Dynfari have been meticulously developing a fascinating artistic vision that on “Myrkurs er þörf” naturally blends cathartic post-rock soundscapes and fierce black metal roots.

The instrumental album opener “Dauðans dimmu dagar” offers a gorgeous series of dreamy guitar melodies that will gradually evolve into a heavier & darker rhythmic crescendo without sacrificing the harmonious contemplative spirit. 

Darkness descends throughout “Langar nætur (í botnlausum spíralstiga)” as the guitar tonalities are characterized by mesmerizing melodic nuances that can fully express sorrow and grief accompanied by painful screams and the rhythmic section often embraces heavier dynamics channeling a primordial blackened force. 

The title track sounds extremely melancholic favoring the emotional nature of the whole album as the arpeggios and the melodic progressions showcase a moody post-rock soul that leads to an overload of bleak tonalities, hazy rhythmic passages and tormented vocals. 

“Ég fálma gegnum tómið” begins with peaceful melodic guitars that continue to linger through an increasingly darker sonic realm where the intricate instrumental crescendos are destined to captivate the listeners. 

On “Ég tortímdi sjálfum mér” you simply cannot escape the overwhelming darkness surrounding the convoluted guitar melodies and the sophisticated atmospheric arrangements that highlight the band’s remarkable songwriting approach while the growls and the robust rhythmic section can channel immense despair. 

Thoughts of suicide, self-destruction and an eternal melancholia linger throughout “Myrkurs er þörf” as Dynfari corageously embark on an introspective journey through a darkly alluring sonic maze that can lead to shimmering melodies or furious rhythmic blasts. 

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