Molassess – Through The Hollow

Featuring former members of legendary band The Devil’s Blood, Molassess begin their spellbinding sonic voyage with the psych-rock essence of the long awaited debut release “Through The Hollow”.

Surrounded by a spacey & sinister atmosphere the title track is destined to captivate the listeners as guitars move sinuously and constantly maintain alluring darkened tonalities shifting from sultry phrases to heavier riffage while Farida Lemouchi’s evocative vocal delivery guides you through a perilous psychedelic maze. 

The occult vibes feel strong throughout “Get Out From Under” as guitars take the center stage to create enticing melodies and groovy rhythmic twists leading to an intense instrumental crescendo with a distinct vintage flair that perfectly complements Farida’s bewitching vocal performance. 

Through hazy atmospheric waves the exquisite guitar melodies of “Formless Hands” can effortlessly craft darkly compelling melodic motifs while the impeccable rhythmic section focuses on catchy retro rock dynamics but also can surprise you with eclectic progressive variations that will lead to an absolutely hypnotizing grand finale. 

“I Am No Longer” conveys immense melancholia with soothing vocals and fascinating soft guitar harmonies that will evolve into an increasingly darker sonic realm offering delightful psychedelic arrangements enriched by a particularly charismatic guitar solo. 

The irresistible esoteric essence of “The Devil Lives” becomes palpable through the enchanting atmospheric textures and the crestfallen nuances of the riveting melodic guitars flourishing around Farida’s otherworldly voice that seems to emerge from a distant dreamy world while the extensive mesmerizing guitar solos simply cannot go unnoticed showcasing an intense creative force. 

Molassess fearlessly explore eclectic sonic territories and emotional turmoils to reach the depth of your soul and to create a unique artistic vision that inevitably becomes a spiritual renewal within the opulent soundscapes of “Through The Hollow”.

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