Crippled Black Phoenix – Ellengæst

Dark progressive rockers Crippled Black Phoenix embrace an evocative sonic evolution on the introspective journey embodied by the latest album “Ellengæst” which can spellbind you with a profound melancholy and an avant garde artistic vision. 

Featuring a stunning vocal performance by Vincent Cavanagh of Anathema “House Of Fools” offers darkly hypnotic guitar progressions flowing gently through ethereal atmospheric waves embellished by gorgeous piano melodies leading to hazy yet significantly heavier rhythmic patterns.

A dystopian mood surrounds “Lost” which carefully blends dramatic melodic phrases and surreal atmospheric layers while guitars can also focus on the creation of memorable rhythmic dynamics that still maintain the fascinating eerie tonalities. 

The alluring melodic guitar work on “Cry Of Love” glows within the vibrant & absolutely catchy rhythmic ensemble but still evokes strong darkened vibes amplified by the passionate vocal delivery and the shimmering atmospheric arrangements. 

At the center of “Everything I Say” you can immediately perceive a profound melancholia that will inevitably move you as the piano crafts vivid melodic tapestries and guitars unleash a sultry darkened energy that perfectly complement Belinda Kordic’s eloquent vocal performance. 

The sorrowful motif of “The Invisible Past” is palpable since the beginning as the graceful minimalist harmonies accompany the soulful voice of Jonathan Hultén of Tribulation floating gently within a dreamy atmospheric realm that with the addition of distorted guitars will ultimately evolve into a cathartic melodic crescendo. 

A wide array of conflicting emotions linger throughout “Ellengæst” as Crippled Black Phoenix explore inner struggles and deliberately refuse to fit within standard music categories meticulously crafting a series of sophisticated soundscapes. 

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