Epica – Omega

For more than 15 years Dutch symphonic metal icons Epica have meticulously developed a fascinating sonic identity that today reaches the acme with the majestic opus “Omega” which is also the final part of the metaphysical trilogy they began with “The Quantum Enigma” back in 2014. 

“Abyss Of Time – Countdown To Singularity” is filled with soaring rhythmic patterns showcasing a heavier approach amplified by the vicious growls while the flawless opulent symphonic arrangements and Simone Simons’s luminous vocal performance evoke the timeless beauty of the operatic style. 

On “The Skeleton Key” the elegantly darkened piano melodies and the solemn operatic choirs generate a harrowing mood that continues to linger through the bold guitar progressions while the super catchy chorus conveys a warm sense of hopefulness. 

Beginning with charming oriental tonalities “Seal Of Solomon” swiftly embraces a sumptuous symphonic essence as the orchestral grandeur constantly creates elaborate tapestries while the charismatic guitar solo skillfully blends melodic and heavier tonalities. 

The middle eastern style of the atmospheric intro on “Code Of Life” evokes mystical vibes that will continue to emerge through the symphonic splendor well supported by the robust rhythmic section and embellished by Simone’s striking vocal range during the poignant chorus. 

“Kingdom Of Heaven prt. 3 – The Antediluvian Universe” might be the most ambitious and complex track on the album as the delightful atmospheric arrangements combined with the classical elegance of the orchestra craft a cinematic sonic realm that often puts the spotlight on the soothing melodies as well as the dramatic crescendos while the heavier rhythmic patterns accompanied by Mark Jansen’s fiery growls can clearly channel a profound darkness. 

On “Synergize – Manic Manifest” guitars take the center stage following a significantly faster tempo and delivering loads of energetic riffs that maintain a groovy momentum within the epic symphonic ensemble while the calmer harmonious passages and the chorus sound quite accessible. 

The final track “Omega – Sovereign Of The Sun Spheres” perfectly manifests the band’s successful formula as the elaborate instrumental progressions are seamlessly entwined with the magnificent symphonic arrangements providing an entertaining mix of powerful rhythmic blasts and dazzling melodies leading to a memorable chorus. 

Epica certainly don’t disappoint their loyal acolytes delivering an overdose of monumental grooves and exquisite orchestrations enhanced by an impeccable production throughout “Omega” which is destined to shine bright in this dark world. 

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