Ahab – Live Prey

German purveyors of nautical doom metal Ahab continue their journey through the depths of the dark sea with the  first live release “Live Prey” featuring tracks originally released on their 2006 album “The Call of the Wretched Sea”. 

The lugubrious atmosphere of “Below The Sun” reveals an obscure force that emerges straight from the abyss generating a mix of funereal rhythmic patterns, gelid guitar tonalities and mournful melodies accompanied by cavernous growls. 

“Old Thunder” begins with contemplative gloomy melodies and darkened guitar tonalities but can also evoke the power of the stormy sea with the insane heavy weight of the precise rhythmic section surrounded by solemn atmospheric accents. 

The lengthy “The Hunt” can easily express grim emotions as the harrowing slow tempo constantly highlights the crucial role of the cold melodic guitar phrases, the monochromatic piano tones and the tormented chants but will often unleash crushing dynamics with monolithic doom riffage. 

Proving to be the undisputed sailors of slow heaviness, Ahab bravely explore the dark sea throughout “Live Prey” in order to deliver a monumental anthemic doom metal album.  


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