Stoned Statues Interview

The young Finnish band Stoned Statues recently announced the release of their second album “Guardian” preceded by the single “Not that real”, the album promises to be more progry and heavy. We got to chat with Allu and Jenna before their show at Porispere to find out more about their upcoming album, tours and more.




Porispere & Minispere 4-6/8/2023, Pori (Finland)

Also this year The Offering had the opportunity to be present at Porispere, the festival that has been held every first weekend of August for more than 10 years in Pori. The particularity of the festival is to offer a wide range of musical genres over the three days, ranging from metal to pop and everything in between. Notable names this year included Within Temptation, Airbourne, Stratovarius, The Rasmus, Beast in Black, Turmion Kätilöt, Diablo, and Stoned Statues to name a few. Sunday was the day dedicated to families called Minispere, for the occasion on the stage performed Käärijä, who represented Finland at the last edition of Eurovision, missing the victory by very few points with his “Cha cha cha”. The festival was sold out on Saturday and Sunday, the weather was also forgiving with summer temperatures and only an hour of rain on Saturday. Below the photoreport by Cristina Gregori and Miika Riikonen.

Stoned Statues interview

Photo: Milja Linna

Stoned Statues is a young Finnish band that play a mix of metal and prog with rock and pop elements. Their self-titled debut album was released last spring reaching the top 10 of the official Finnish physical album sales. We had the chance to meet Allu Tanskanen, Markus Hakala & Jenna Kosunen after their gig at Knotfest and talk about their music, gigs and much more.


Knotfest Finland, Turku 12-12/08/2022

We had the opportunity to be present at the first edition of Knotfest Finland. The festival was held at the Artukainen event park in Turku and was organized by Fullsteam Agency. The large area allowed to host 30,000 spectators, resulting sold out on the second day. On the first day, on the two stages we saw Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus, Bloodred Hourglass, Stam1na, Sara, Arch Enemy, Lähiöbotox, Lamb of God, Huora and as final Nightwish. On the second day Blind Channel opened the dances followed by Shiraz Lane, TesserAct, Stoned Statues, Cradle of Filth, Medeia, Bring Me The Horizon, Moon Shot, the long-awaited Slipknot and at the end Huoratron. Here are some photos taken by Cristina Gregori.